Not really worst-case, but I do think it’s funny that I can’t quite seem to get it together to pick out an “assistive device,” and yet here are some things I have absolutely no problem conceiving of:

I have not only a boy’s and girl’s name chosen, but a name for our baby should baby’s gender be somehow indeterminate. Although rare, this is more common than people realize, and I’d like to be prepared with an awesome name and a ready welcome for the child–boy, girl, or… both?

I’ve decided what I’d like done with me after I’m dead. My husband, while not naturally quite as morbid as myself or my daughter, can be fairly easily drawn into these conversations. Our walk home brings us past a gravestone-carver, and we have had to hear innumerable times exactly which shade of rose-colored granite my nine-year-old thinks is appropriate for her marker. Husband and I, on the other hand, opt for the portability of cremation as a way to whichever one of us goes first “with” the other for as long as possible.

So, while the alabaster lovelies above will do for me, I’m a little more tempted to something like this for his ashes:

Like I said, these aren’t real worst-case scenarios. Intersexedness is one of the least scary birth issues, and everyone has to die sometime. I find all of this fairly comforting, to tell the truth. Far more comforting than just breaking down and at the very least getting some sort of cane, right?

I suppose I could always buy a stroller after the baby’s here, and just lean on it a lot.