I’d really kind of managed to avoid thinking about it until I read the post “Worries” at No Time for MS, which raises the question of whether one ever really forgets the anniversary of their diagnosis.

This time last year, I was taking a summer away from theology to do some Japanese language-and-lit work at Queens College and the Japan Society. It was really fun, the sort of thing that I’d intended to do for a while and figured I’d better do while still an undergraduate–I would need to get the language skills sorted out if I wanted to go into Buddhist Studies after graduating, and what better way then to spend a summer reading the tale of Genji and volunteering for a cultural organization.

It didn’t work out, naturally, and I spent the 7th of July recovering from hospitalization, diagnosis and steroids rather than at the Japan Society’s tanabata celebration with my daughter.

I think, if I were wishing for something right now, that I’d like to have another, less depressing association with this time of year… it’s a little too cloudy for stars, but I am kind of hoping that I might be able to meet this baby sometime soon. How about tonight? Or tomorrow?