(description: A Victorian dollhouse family consisting of mother, daughter, and baby in pram. I, however, have no baby in pram since I was apparently in “false” or “pre” labor, whatever they’re calling it now.)

Whatever labor might have been last night, it petered out about 2am, to return only intermittently (“Another contraction! When was the last one, honey?” “Ummm… ninety minutes ago.”) Apparently this happens all the time, although I’d likely have been induced or sectioned in a hospital by now. Inconvenient, I’ll say that much.

But, in my time-killing this morning, I came across this awesome* article in the Observer titled The New Victorians. Like most NYC-centric culture-puff peices, it focuses on a phenomenon that’s been going on for a while and skews it entirely towards rich people, still, it isn’t bad. If you’ve read Alan Ehrenhalt’s “The Lost City,” you’ll be familiar with the “blame the boomers” argument. In my opinion, the best bit of the article is the closing paragraph, which my husband simply loved:

“You have to confront this question of, ‘Am I a deeply conventional person?’ she said. “It kind of throws the idea of who you thought you would be into question.”

*In other news, more than one person has lately commented on my incessant use of the term “awesome,” including Kristina at Autism Vox. What can I say, I have a nine-year-old girl, a GenX husband, and an often-affectless voice that makes the term sound really cool.

What I do not have, however, is a baby yet. Not awesome.


Thanks to all who said nice things about the Blog Carnival; I now appreciate how much work the rest of you do putting these things together!