I should be used to the infusions by now, of course.

I have IVIG once a month, and supposedly inject Copaxone (aka Drano) every day. However, steroids scare the living shit out of me. My diagnosis coincided with a week-long course of steroids in Roosevelt Hospital, and it took pretty much all the Ativan there was just to keep me from clawing the place down. I hated the feeling in the vein, the taste in my mouth, and the crazy in my head.

Well, these were steroids at home. I got hooked up by my awesome infusion nurse (I just have the one, I’m leery of letting strange beings into my space, so I have a consistent nurse) and then the next few days I got to play with flushing the IV and doing my own infusions. I’m done now.

So is my garden. Holy crap. I told myself I’d only do the anti-anxiety meds if I was, well, anxious, so my MS-addled ass got a spurt of evergy the likes of which I barely remember. Weeding, fertilizing, composting, raking, mulching, planting, transplanting, and hauling broken flagstone from a construction site to make borders. The fam? Convinced I’m insane. The husband? Probably going to kill me when he gets home. The energy levels are still okay, but my actual body isn’t used to doing things like this and the muscles are all “What the fuck, Hala.”

Well, so be it.

Now, if the steroids actually stopped–and can hold off–the relapse. If only. And if the Provigil can keep me up and working–please God. Then maybe. Maybe. I can pull off this semester of school. No incompletes. No make-up over the summer. Just one finished semester. Oh, please. Pretty Please. Really.